Christoph Rücker, ActiTrexx GmbH, Mainz 

Treg are key players in the modulation of immune responses, and control the activation of conventional T cells making them a candidate for cellular therapies in overshooting T cell mediated autoimmune and inflammatory diseases with high unmet medical needs.

The new cellular therapy, activated Treg (ATreg, the active pharmaceutical ingredient of Actileucel) with particularly high suppressor function, has the potential to control pathogenic inflammation. Actileucel has been proven in a preclinical model to be a safe and efficient drug with the potential to minimize excessive T effector cell responses in vitro and in vivo. Actileucel development has led to a tailor made product manufactured in a standardized, economic, semi-automated, GMP compliant process within 24 hours vein-to-vein time.

Christoph Rücker, Janine Schlöder, Niklas Zimmer, Andrea Tüttenberg, Helmut Jonuleit
ActiTrexx GmbH, Mainz