Barbara Lösch, Medigene, Planegg

 Adoptive T cell therapy needs to evolve continuously to overcome the challenges of treating solid tumors and meeting patient needs for long term effective and safe (personalized) TCR-T therapies. Science-based innovations are embedded in an end-to-end platform including multiple, combinable technologies:

  • Effective, specific and safe antigen identification using an in silico screening program to eliminate unwanted epitopes is the basis for development of highly sensitive, highly specific and potent TCRs
  • Utilizing a high throughput robotics platform to find donor TCRs for any antigen/HLA combination accelerates the identification of potent TCRs
  • Creating enhanced inducible TCR products and implementing precision pairing technology to TCRs improve safety and efficacy
  • Adding switch receptors/co-stimulatory switch proteins to arm TCR-T cells against the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment

Finally, by developing robust manufacturing processes, the end-to-end platforms aims to provide best-in class TCR-T therapies for patients.