Rachida Siham Bel Aiba, Pieris Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Freising, Germany

Pieris Pharmaceuticals utilizes a unique drug scaffold platform known as Anticalin proteins to develop differentiated medicines in the areas of Immuno Oncology and Respiratory Disease. Anticalin proteins are based on lipocalins, a family of endogenous low-molecular weight human proteins typically found in blood plasma and other body fluids. Randomization of lipocalin loop regions results in Anticalin proteins that can recognize and specifically bind to a wide range of medically relevant targets.

Their robust format allows for modification in several ways: they can be formulated as inhalable biologics, allowing local delivery to the lung. They can be formatted as bi- and multispecific fusion proteins which provide a second specificity and enable localized activity. 
Here we will share case studies of the Anticalin platform versatility which allows development of promising clinical stage therapeutics.