Ernst Weber, Bayer AG, Leverkusen

Multiple parameters of an antibody have to be met in order to qualify an initial screening hit as suitable candidate for development and to finally become a drug. They include i) functional parameters like high affinity, potency and x-reactivity vs. different species, ii) CMC related aspects like solubility, viscosity, temperature stability and iii) sequence related features like potential CMC relevant amino acid residues and T-cell epitopes.

The lecture will describe our HT functional IgG screening from Fab phage display libraries and the multiparameter HT IgG optimization platforms.  We combined systematically in-silico analysis approaches, including prediction of sequence-based immunogenicity potential and biophysical parameters, with early HT functional and biophysical screening in the final IgG format. This holistic antibody discovery and optimization concept allows to identify candidates that are fit for later development in all relevant criteria.