Johannes Ottl, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research/ Chemical Biology & Therapeutics/ Chemical Genetics

The scope of targets investigated in pharmaceutical research is continuously moving into uncharted territory. Finding suitable chemical matter with the current compound collections is proving increasingly difficult. Encoded library technologies allow for the rapid exploration of a large chemical space for the identification of ligands for such targets. These binders enable drug discovery projects both by the generation of tools for target validation, structural elucidation and assay development as well as by identifying starting points for medicinal chemistry.

At Novartis, we recently incorporated two encoded library platforms to facilitate initiation of drug discovery programs. On one hand we apply DNA-encoded libraries for the isolation of low-molecular weight ligands. One the other hand we utilize encoded peptide libraries for the identification of cyclic peptides. In the presentation, we will discuss how we apply these platforms in our research.