InSCREENeX GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany

InSCREENeX is a biotechnology company providing all kinds of services for the genetic modification of cells. We offer two complementary technologies:

CI-SCREEN™ - Functional Immortalized Cell Lines

  • Primary-like phenotype and unlimited availability
  • Bioassays for ADME/Tox-testing
  • Choose from our portfolio: Airway epithelial cells, Endothelial cells, Chondrocytes, Fibroblasts, Intestinal epithelial cells, Osteoblasts, etc.
  • Customized immortalization within three months

SCREENflex™ - Generation of Stable Recombinant Cell Lines

  • Targeted Integration in CHO and HEK293 cells
  • Your target gene is stably and consistently expressed
  • Rapid turnaround time - cell line establishment within 1 month
  • Tailored expression of a target gene at low/medium/high level

On the basis of these technologies, InSCREENeX offers pharmaceutical and biotech companies optimal tools and services to develop new drugs under in vivo conditions – adapted to in vitro set-ups.