Stephan Maughan, Refeyn Ltd., Oxford OX4 6FF, UK

In this talk, you will learn about two new additions to the analytical toolbox for biologics: Mass photometry and macro mass photometry. These technologies enable rapid analysis of samples in solution, using small quantities of starting materials. Both techniques analyze samples at the level of single proteins or particles, and through measurement of mass or a proxy for mass, they can identify distinct populations of analytes and provide useful insights at key stages of workflows.
Mass photometry characterizes samples of adeno-associated virus (AAV), antibodies and other biomolecules. Compatible with GMP environments for AAV analytics, it can resolve and quantify populations of empty, full, partially filled and overfilled capsids – providing empty/full measures and estimates of titer for each population. For laboratories developing therapeutic antibodies, mass photometry can give insights into antibody-antigen interactions and resolve complex stoichiometries. It can also promptly detect degradation and aggregation, as demonstrated by recent forced degradation studies. 
Macro mass photometry is a new technology that characterizes large viral vectors, such as adenovirus (AdV) and lentivirus (LVV). Ideal for informing process development in preclinical settings and early drug development, its vector analysis capabilities include the assessment of sample purity and stability.