Lisa Mutz, Progen, Heidelberg

The Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) has a long history in the field of immunoassays. Yet, in the ever-evolving landscape of AAV gene therapy, its continued relevance is worth checking. This presentation aims to highlight the enduring significance of ELISA in the context of AAV gene therapy development.

Over the last decades, the AAV ELISA has proven to be an indispensable tool for AAV analytics since the measurement of total capsid titers is still obligatory to ensure a safe and efficient gene transfer. However, there are additional safety measures to be considered during the development process of AAV gene therapies, which can also easily be analyzed by ELISA e.g. serological analysis of pre-existing immunity. PROGEN´s AAV Titration ELISA has had a strong impact on the measurement of AAV capsid titers and demonstrated time and time again the proven strength of the method. In light of the progressing needs of the steadily evolving field of AAV gene therapy, alternative immunoassays show high potential considering its integration with and contribution to new set-ups and technologies such as Automation, Simple Plex, and the intriguing possibility of Luminescence-based methods - which will all be summarized in this presentation.

Given the progress of AAV gene therapy, this presentation shows what the future of ELISA might look like. Join us as this talk uncovers the enduring value of this "oldie" in the context of AAV gene therapy and provides insights into why it will continue to be the "goldie" in this promising field.