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Fraunhofer IPA, Mannheim

The TissueGrinder, developed by Fraunhofer IPA in Mannheim, utilizes controlled mechanical dissociation to provide high quality single cell suspensions or crude extract from fresh, frozen or FFPE tissue samples for a variety of applications. The dissociation core unit is optimized for an ideal combination of shear and cutting force resulting in highly viable cells for subsequent molecular analysis or cultivation. Further potential applications can be found in any cell based research field (oncology, neurology, cardiovascular etc.) that requires single cells, especially for flow cytometry analysis.

TissueGrinder at a glance:

  • Open platform for individual dissociation protocol development for your specific application
  • Standardized procedures for highly reproducible results in regulated environments
  • Sample processing and subsequent filtration in a closed sterile system
  • Enzyme-reduced or enzyme-free approach enables and facilitates sophisticated cellular and molecular analysis