PELOBiotech is a leading specialist for HTS, 3D Cell Screening and Cell Lines. So speed up your Drug and Biologics Development: We offer enhanced solutions of 2D and 3D technologies and our broad portfolio covers Cell Lines, iPS/ESC, PCs, SCs as well as special supplements for tumor stem cells. We specialize in early stage compound validation using 3D spheroid models to measure anti-cancer stem cell activity, from primary HTS screening to secondary validation, hit to lead assessment, lead optimization validation, fresh human tumor validation to in vivo efficacy studies. We help you study and advance your therapeutic approach to solid cancers and leukemias, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other complex condition.

We also offer:

  • Multiplex Assays, choose from Proliferation-Assays, Cell-based Assays, Oncogene & Cell Signalling
  • Screening Kits (TR-FRET) and targeted research methods
  • Modified Primary Cells & Stem Cells
  • Custom cell line development
  • Diseased Cell Systems